Do you ever eat and eat and still feel unsatisfied?  Do you have digestive problems or acid reflux?   Do you sometimes think that your eating habits need a serious overhaul?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider putting more REAL FOOD into your day.   This is a great way to get the nutrient building blocks that your body needs to produce energy, repair and rebuild.  Many diseases start as mere nutrient depletions.  We were designed to eat unprocessed food and feel energetic and satisfied.  


Four strategies to START SOMEWHERE today:

  1. Eat more WHOLE, UNPROCESSED FOODS.  These are foods in their most essential pure and basic form – like an apple or a slice of lemon.  Enjoy a piece of chicken rather than a chicken nugget.  A diet rich in whole food is micronutrient dense, rich in fiber and free of unnecessary chemicals and additives.  Whole foods provide the best ingredients for crafting tasty and satisfying meals.
  2. Choose HEALTHY FATS.  Please believe it:  The right kind of fat is necessary to LIVE YOUNGER.  Your brain and your body crave it.  Eliminate all trans fats and concentrate on nut oils and olive oil.  Use butter rather than margarine.  Eat fresh and organic as much as possible.  
  3. Eliminate processed foods.  If you have been eating fast food 4 times a week, try eating it only 3 times a week.  
  4. Regardless of what you are eating, remember to eat slowly.  Chew 30 times (yes! that is 3-0).  You will amazed at how much less you eat (some studies say 100 fewer calories per meal) and how much more you enjoy it.  Read my previous post for more info!

A great resource is 100 Days of Real Food.  Check out the recipe there.   Whole 30 is another site that I think you will enjoy.
START SOMEWHERE today to eat foods closer to their source.  LIVE YOUNGER by giving your body the fuel it needs to repair and rebuild. Start today with one small change.  You can do it.  

What is Real Food