Familiar to most of us as a wildflower or weed, Jerusalem Artichokes are actually a delicious addition to any dinner table (and any flower garden!) and have huge potential to help us LIVE YOUNGER.  They were used as food for various North American Indian tribes prior to the arrival of European settlers and later were a staple food for the pilgrims.  Jerusalem Artichokes grow happily in a variety of temperatures and moisture conditions throughout the United States and were a common source of food for people and livestock by the 1700s.  What in the world are Jerusalem Artichokes?  Let’s learn together!  

Not truly an artichoke but actually a variety of sunflower, these lumpy, brown-skinned tubers resemble a ginger root.  Contrary to what the name implies, they have little to do with Jerusalem or artichokes!  The white flesh is crunchy and sweet with a chestnut taste and has been traditionally enjoyed as a gourmet vegetable.  One of the outstanding features of Jerusalem Artichokes is that they contain inulin.  Here are three key reasons to START SOMEWHERE exploring the possibility of adding Jerusalem Artichokes to your life for enhanced vitality:

  1. Inulin is a soluble fiber:  It absorbs water more easily than other carbohydrates and forms a gelatinous material in the gut.  This helps lubricate the digestive tract and naturally relieves constipation, which lessens the risk of hemorrhoids and other unpleasantries.
  2. Inulin is a prebiotic.  We talk much about probiotics, but prebiotics are equally as important.  Inulin is a type of carbohydrate called an oligosaccharide, consisting of several simple sugars which pass through the digestive unabsorbed.  This is news you can use because inulin naturally ferments and feeds the healthy bacteria that are essential for brain health, energy, and immune function.
  • Inulin is a low-glycemic carbohydrate and helps curb appetite.  Although this tuber can be prepared similar to potatoes, its carbohydrates are more slowly absorbed, resulting in fewer blood sugar fluctuations.  Since it forms the gel-like substance and absorbs water, it decreases appetite and cravings by slowing down the food emptying in the stomach.  This also helps regulate appetite hormones like leptin and ghrelin.  

Choose the best Jerusalem Artichokes by selecting those with fewer knobby areas to save peeling time.  Artichokes should look firm and the skin should be pale brown without any wrinkles or soft, dark patches.  Treat them like potatoes by storing them in a cool, dark place and cook them similarly.  Here’s an easy recipe!       

Also called “sunchokes,” Jerusalem Artichokes are a super START SOMEWHERE for adding variety and nutrient-dense delicious foods to your day.  LIVE YOUNGER by giving your body more real food, fresh from the earth.  You can do it.  I will help you!  

What in the world are Jerusalem Artichokes?

What in the world are Jerusalem Artichokes?