Gum disease is a chronic inflammatory disease causing progressive damage to the supporting bone around the teeth.  Harmful bacteria cause the gums to get red, swell and bleed.  These initial signs are often easily ignored and dismissed.  At first, the connective soft tissue that attaches around the teeth is damaged.  As it progresses, the teeth can become loose.  Pain doesn’t typically occur until the disease is in the final stages and tooth loss is inevitable.  It’s important to know your level of Vitamin D because Vitamin D promotes healthy gums.

Visually observing the difference in a patient’s gums once Vitamin D therapy was started initiated my adventure into the world of Functional Medicine.  Also known as Integrative or Alternative Medicine, this field of study is all about finding the root causes of disease and dealing with those rather than just treating the symptoms.  A smile always crosses my face when I hear the term, “alternative,” because there is really nothing “alternative” about good lifestyle choices!  It is all about good health from the inside out with much of the control being in the hands of the patient.  My Medical School Masters Program is through the University of South Florida College of Medicine, and I am thankful for the scientific perspective they are committed to.  A healthy level of Vitamin D is part of that!

Good dental health starts with home care that includes removal of the harmful bacteria and quality dental care.  These two commitments are the absolute best ways to reduce or prevent periodontal disease.  The health of the mouth affects the health of the body and vice versa.  Therefore, the Vitamin D status of your body is also important.  START SOMEWHERE getting to know the vast benefits of Vitamin D:

  • Recognized as critical for brain health, Vitamin D is actually a hormone because it is easily made by the body.
  • It is produced in the skin via exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.  People with darker skin and/or are obese convert less from sunlight.
  • There are Vitamin D receptors throughout the body, with about 3,000 binding sites already identified by researchers.
  • Vitamin D helps regulate the enzymes in the brain and spinal fluid that help in nerve growth.
  • Ideally, the optimal level is around 80 ng/mL.  “Normal” levels are different than “optimal” levels.  I personally aim for 80-90 ng/mL.
  • So far, nearly every person that I have sent to be tested has had a less-than-optimal level of 40 ng/mL or less.  Most of us spend our days indoors and wear sunscreen when outside.  Traditionally, up to 90 percent of the body’s Vitamin D comes from sun exposure and the rest from dietary sources.
  • Vitamin D helps regulate health of the muscles and skeleton by regulating calcium absorption and mineral balance.  This is significant for health of the gums and supporting bone.   
  • Although Vitamin D is found in some foods and in dairy, these typically supply only 20 percent or less of the body’s daily requirements.  
  • The nutrient is being researched as an anti-cancer agent.
  • Vitamin D is a potent, anti-inflammatory agent.  Chronic inflammation is the hallmark of most of the chronic lifestyle diseases that steal joy and vitality.  Healthy gut bacteria enhances Vitamin D activity.
  • Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide commonly labeled as Roundup, impairs the function of Vitamin D by damaging beneficial gut bacteria.  That’s just another reason to eat organic foods as much as possible.
  • Optimal levels of Vitamin D have an anti-aging effect by increasing the activity of telomerase, the enzyme that is involved in lengthening telomeres.  Telomeres are the protective end caps of chromosomes that make it possible for cells to regenerate.  

Vitamin D benefits the health of the gums by decreasing chronic inflammation and is a building block for the health of the entire body.  START SOMEWHERE today getting your mouth healthy and keeping your teeth strongly anchored by getting your Vitamin D level measured.  Physicians who are reading their literature will be enthusiastic about helping you find your optimal dose.

Important for total body health, Vitamin D promotes healthy gums.  

Supplementation is typically required and is quite inexpensive.  I recommend tracking this number and staying in the upper range of normal.  LIVE YOUNGER by intentionally nourishing your body with optimal levels of Vitamin D.  Today is the best day to just START SOMEWHERE taking care of your amazing body. You can do it!  I will help you.

Vitamin D Promotes Healthy Gums

Vitamin D Promotes Healthy Gums