In last Friday’s Food For Thought, I talked about the many health benefits of being outside among nature.  Even if it’s a window, you will feel more relaxed and your immune system will be positively enhanced!  

For today’s Snail Mail, I’m enjoying my Silks Acrylic Glaze before it dries up!  I have learned the hard way that art supplies can have a short shelf life, and they are too precious to waste.  Today’s card, The Art of Possibility Encouragement Card, turned out pretty and it’s very simple!

Here’s what I used today:

Here’s the drill:

Glue the tissue wrap to the paper with matte medium.

  1. When dry, arrange flower stencil over it and tape down to stabilize it.
  2. With gloved fingers, apply the acrylic glaze, pushing it into the crevices of the stencil.
  3. Decide how you want the card to read.  When the paint is completely dry, arrange the stencil over the card and tape down with painter’s tape.
  4. Press the sponge into the archival ink pad and then into the stencil.  It may take several coats.  Give this time to dry.
  5. Fold, write a note, seal, stamp, mail, and smile!

Take your beautiful cards outside and write a note to someone.  The Art of Possibility Encouragement Card will make their day to find your gorgeous card in their mailbox.  Enhance your well-being also by showing gratitude toward someone else. Snail Mail is a great way to make two people happy!

The Art of Possibility Encouragement Card

The Art of Possibility Encouragement Card