I’m resetting my thinking on sugar as part of my START SOMEWHERE RESET.  Mountains of sound evidence exist that have convinced me that the white crystals actually accelerate aging. My usual response to a sweet temptation is to gobble it first and then think, “I wish I hadn’t eaten that” or “Was that really delicious enough?”  We’ve all had that moment where we scarf one of those store-bought cookies, and immediately thought, “That was not worth it.” I am changing my thought process!  I want to make decisions today that will help me LIVE YOUNGER tomorrow. One of the basics of success for me in this area is having a sweet philosophy.

What I know about sugar and my body:

  • I have experienced sugar addiction.  For years, I kept a bag of Oreos or Chips Ahoy Cookies under my car seat.
  • Sugar sets off a cascade of junk food cravings for me.  
  • I typically feel a decrease in energy after eating something extremely sugar laden.  It zaps my energy!
  • Sugar provides absolutely none of the nutrients that my body needs for optimal repairs.
  • My sugar addiction resulted in two root canals which led to two dental implants:  Yes!  Even dentists have tooth decay!  It could have been prevented.
  • Fresh fruit agrees with me.  I know that this whole food contains many discovered and undiscovered beneficial compounds that work together for my health.  When I “get the hankering” for something sweet, fresh fruit satisfies it.

As part of my reset, I want to “think first.”  Here’s my new mental checklist of factors to consider before indulging:

  1. Is it homemade?
  2. Is it super-duper delicious or just something to eat?
  3. Is it rarely available?  If I am in a faraway, exotic place, I will indulge in the local culinary delights!
  4. Is there a whole fruit option?
  5. Have I already supplied my body with the adequate nutrients today that it needs to function optimally?
  6. Is it totally offensive to the host or hostess if I decline?

When I was in college, I had several episodes of lightheadedness.  In order to diagnose the problem, my doctor advised me to stay completely off of sugar for 21 days, and then he ordered a fasting blood sugar test.  After the test, I couldn’t wait to have a big ice cream sundae.  To my surprise, it didn’t taste that great.  Fortunately, the test came back normal.  Unfortunately, I soon went back to my unhealthy eating habits.  In those days, I erroneously thought that sugar didn’t matter since I was generally thin.

Eating healthy affects my outlook, how much energy I have, and rejuvenates my immune system.  Eating healthy is not about strict, mandatory dietary regulations; I want to avoid food legalism.  The first bite is always the best.  If I intentionally decide to enjoy a treat, then I am going to enjoy it guilt-free.  I’m going to eat it slowly-without regret.

For me, having a plan makes sense.  I’m not yet at the point where this mental checklist is automatic, but with practice, it will be! In other areas of my life, this strategy is effective.  I’ll keep you posted on how my sweet philosophy is helping my START SOMEWHERE RESET.  How are you navigating around your sweet tooth?  Remember to add the hashtag, #SSWReset to your posts on social media so that I can cheer you on!

Sweet Philosophy

Sweet Philosophy