When you have a goal, write it down!  You will increase your chances of success just by putting it on paper.  And, according to a Kaiser Permanente Study, weight loss was doubled in those that kept a food diary.  Those of you in the art community have an advantage because you already have loads of colorful pens and gorgeous paper to get this habit started.  Take a look at this YouTube and learn how to make a 10-minute journal to log your progress!

Today’s Stenciled Encouragement Card is simple and elegant.  It surprised me!  All you basically need is paper, a few colors of acrylic paint and a stencil.  Here’s exactly what I used:

This Snail Mail creation may have set a record from start to finish.  You can probably make five or six in the same amount of time once you have the supplies out.  While one dries, you can be working on the others.  Here’s the drill:

  1. Gesso your paper to make your paint flow more smoothly.
  2. With gloved fingers, apply three to four background colors.  Be sure to use colors that are close to each other on the color wheel.
  3. When dry, lay the large stencil over it and select a contrasting color and one of the base colors.
  4. With cosmetic sponge, dob each of the colors of paint into the stencil.  Let dry.
  5. Arrange your text stencil onto the right side of the card.  Maybe it’s just me but I believe that it is easy to place this on the wrong side!
  6. With a straight up and down motion, apply the archival ink onto the card through the stencil and fill in completely.
  7. Carefully lift the stencil up and off the paper.
  8. With the ink that’s left on the cosmetic sponge, outline the card.  This really brings it together.
  9. Decorate your envelope with the leftover paint during the drying intervals.
  10. Write an encouraging note, address, seal, stamp, and smile!

Art is a great activity alone or with a group.  Use what you have, experiment in your Art Journal, make a mess, and relax.  Enjoy creative self care making this Stenciled Encouragement Card. You can do it.  I will help you!

Stenciled Encouragement Card

Stenciled Encouragement Card