Is it just me or do you have your most productive time getting pesky chores done the night before leaving on vacation?  It seems like I am super charged when preparing for a fun adventure!  My “why” of getting things done is energizing.  That same energy can be harnessed to develop healthy habits to propel you to the life you desire and to LIVE YOUNGER.  We all know that diets don’t work.  Dieting is often synonymous with suffering.   If you look at exercise as torture then you will never have time for it.  Forward progress requires a solid “Why Of Wellness” (WOW).  When your why is solid, the what and how come naturally.  It is imperative to start with the positive.


Everyday, people say things like:  “I want to lose weight.”  “I want to eat better.”  “I want to be healthy.”  “I want to take less medication.”  “I want to reduce my stress.”  “I want to quit smoking.”  But, it is estimated that around 92 percent of those resolutions fail within 30 days.  Temptation lurks around every corner!


What questions do you need to ask yourself to discover and solidify your why? Grab a notebook, your favorite pen, and find a quiet comfy place to ponder and get personal with yourself.   START SOMEWHERE with these:


  • What deeply matters to you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you think your purpose is in this brief life on earth?
  • What do I want to be able to do in two years?
  • What side effects of medication do I want to avoid?
  • What do I want to spend your free time on?
  • What about your life do you enjoy the most and want to keep on being able to do as long as possible?
  • What activities do you want to be able to do with younger people?  
  • What current health problem do you want to minimize?


Start with the positive.  Find your Why of Wellness – you very own WOW – is essential to LIVING YOUNGER.   You can do it.  I will help you.

Start with the positive

Start with the positive