What’s great to give and also great to receive?  Encouragement!  It feels so wonderful to be sincerely encouraged and we all need it in abundance!  Today we are making a simple card that you can customize to fit your particular encouraging sentiment.  Since I usually find one art supply to get me started, today is based on the colors from a new roll of washi tape that kept calling my name. I’m calling this art piece the Snail Mail Encouragement Card with Washi Tape!

I used four colors of Gelatos, which are basically creamy, watercolor crayons.  Because the colors blend with water, you could easily just use one or two.  The stencil/baby wipe technique is absolutely gorgeous – making the paper look like batik fabric.  

Here’s the short supply list:

I like the look of thick acrylic paint; hence it takes some time to dry!  This snail mail creation is not technique-sensitive so it would be easy to make several cards at a time and apply the specific sentiments later.  Here’s the sequence for these quick and easy cards:

  1. Gesso your paper with an old gift card.  Remember to protect your hands with gloves.
  2. Randomly color on the gelatos.
  3. Spritz with water and let dry.
  4. Using a baby wipe over a stencil, gently wipe away the color with varying degrees of pressure.  Move the stencil around to create variety.  The color will accumulate around the edges of the stencil.
  5. Using any other stencil, apply a design with acrylic paint. Let dry completely.
  6. Outline the edges with washi tape and fold tightly with a bone folder.
  7. Stamp text on a rescued piece of tissue and tear around edges.  
  8. Adhere text to card with matte medium.
  9. I decorated the envelope with the leftover paint from my brush and from the stencil using a baby wipe.  
  10. Write a note, address, stamp and smile.  You just made somebody’s day!

Remember to be “art smart!”  In today’s Art Smart Minute, I was compelled to mention that diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of vision loss.  Diabetes damages blood vessels all over the body. High blood sugar causes the arteries to become stiff and hard, which leads to poor circulation.  Know your blood sugar and insulin levels and START SOMEWHERE today to get them into the most optimal level possible.  It begins by keeping track of what you are eating and reading labels so that you know where the sugar is hiding.  Success starts with small changes!  Once you know where you are, you can begin to slowly change your

Habits.  Your taste buds will adapt and you will be amazed at how much more energetic you feel.  Plus, you will be decreasing your risk for many other problems, including vision loss.  

Thanks for following along with me and my tutorial for the Snail Mail Encouragement Card with Washi Tape. Be sure to read my blog, StartSomewhereWellness.com, Monday through Friday.  I’ll be passing on information that you can use to LIVE YOUNGER and make the most of the life you’ve been given.  You can do it.  I will help you.

Snail Mail Encouragement Card

Snail Mail Encouragement Card