Thanks for joining me for Snail Mail Monday!  In today’s Art Smart Minute, I talk about the vital importance of sleep.  Sleep is essential to keep your brain and body working efficiently.  It “reboots” your entire system and it’s tough to get enough.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Embrace the nap zone!  Even a 30 minute nap will boost brain performance.  
  • If possible, set your work schedule to fit your “chronotype”.  We start our workday at 7 a.m.  To me, when it gets dark, it’s bedtime!  
  • Have an intentional sleep routine.  Turn off all media at least 2 hours before you want to snooze.  Keep your bedroom cool and dark.

Today, I made the fourth simple Snail Mail Thank You Card using some rescued tissue paper.  It’s quick and easy.  Remember, the supplies are versatile.  Use what you have.  I’m trying to incorporate more of my scrapbooking stash into Snail Mail.  Here’s what I used:

This card is fast and simple and it would be just as easy to make several at once. Here’s the drill:

  1. Crumple the tissue paper.
  2. With gloved fingers, glue down the tissue paper.  Scrunch it as much as possible to create texture.
  3. When this is dry, coat it with gesso.  Rub it lightly with a baby wipe to expose more of the paper.
  4. When gesso is dry, rub the ink pad over the ridges.
  5. On a small piece of paper or cardstock, stamp the sentiment.
  6. Ink over the sentiment with Distress Ink.
  7. Outline the card, and color the frame with the black inkpad.
  8. Glue these down.  I used matte medium, but a glue stick would have been better.
  9. Cover with deli paper or plastic wrap and flatten with heavy books on top.
  10. Write a heartfelt note, address, and smile!

Thanks for joining me for today while I created this simple snail mail thank you card!  Have fun arting around!

Simple Snail Mail Thank You

Simple Snail Mail Thank You