They had been comrades since high school and were engrossed in intimate conversation as they climbed the Civic Center steps.  I knew them only casually from church and admired their close friendship.  Although they were very approximately the same chronological age, their biological age was obviously at least ten years apart.  Person A was huffing and puffing up the stairs and walked in a sort of “S” motion.  Person B was intentionally walking slower than usual to wait on her friend.  Person A had on high heels and a huge, overstuffed handbag weighting down one shoulder, which appeared to cause the swagger.  She was minimally 40 pounds overweight.  Person B, slim and fit, had a small cross-body handbag and low-heeled shoes.  My point of view astounded me.  Both were tastefully and fashionably dressed.  Sometimes you can see your future by observing  the lifestyle of others.

The next time I ran into Person B at church, I cornered her with two questions.  “What are your top three secrets for vitality?”  She smiled and told me these simple things that she does:

  • She walks 2-3 miles every day
  • She drinks water rather than diet drinks
  • She eats one large salad each day

She obviously was LIVING YOUNGER than her longtime buddy and her strategies didn’t put a burden on anyone else.  She didn’t require those close to her to adhere to her lifestyle.  Person B was vibrant and active.  She said that she had previously been 30 pounds heavier but decided about 15 years to let go of the excess weight by journaling her sugar intake and slowly decreasing it.  At that time, she had been “hooked on diet drinks” and began drinking water instead.  

My second question was probing.  “What motivated you to lose that extra weight?”  She said that her mother had been overweight and inactive after she turned 50.  Consequently she took four medications and didn’t often feel like fully engaging with the family.  Person B said that she “didn’t want to end up in that shape, knowing that some of that could be genetic.”  How impressive and inspiring!

The key is to see your future – not someone else’s.  This can be accomplished through observation.  START SOMEWHERE today to think about where you “want to end up” related to this earthly body.  The answers are different for different people and you are responsible only for yourself.  You can do it.  I will help you.

See Your Future

See Your Future