If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, it’s an especially great idea to get into the habit of drinking pure water.  Water is your body’s way of carrying nutrients to your cells and to those of your baby’s via your blood supply.  Pregnant women need extra fluid to support the amniotic fluid and extra blood volume; breastfeeding also increases the need.  Often, plain water can be ignored in our society.  Other options are just so easily accessible!  Many people have to be deliberate about drinking enough water rather than grabbing soda, a diet drink, tea or an energy drink.  It can take intentionality to give your body more of what it really needs to function optimally.  Hydration is an important building block for anyone who wants to LIVE YOUNGER but especially for women who want to be ready for the healthiest pregnancy possible and support a growing baby.  Pregnancy’s best drink is pure water.

Here are some benefits of staying hydrated:

  • Energy is boosted:  One of the biggest reasons for fatigue is actually dehydration.  It’s easily mistaken for hunger.  Since the brain is estimated to be 85 percent water, dehydration also causes energy in the brain to decrease and contributes to depression.
  • It’s a big percentage of us:  Our adult bodies are between 50 and 60 percent water.  Interestingly, newborn babies are 78 percent water.  At 28 weeks in utero, a baby is 84 percent water.
  • Detoxification systems can function better:  Properly hydrated tissues help flush away toxins. Paradoxically, fluid retention occurs when you are not drinking enough water.  
  • Fertility is enhanced:  Pure water keeps the womb hydrated and the menstrual cycle running as smoothly as possible.
  • It increases your sense of wellbeing:  Dehydration is a major cause of depression because 85 percent of the brain is water.  
  • Constipation is lessened.  Combined with a nutrient-dense diet including raw fruits and vegetables, water helps maintain a healthy digestive system.  Therefore, you are less likely to develop hemorrhoids that are common during pregnancy.  

Because our bodies are not designed to store water and we are losing it continually through energy production and waste removal, it must be continually replaced to maintain health.  Experts recommend drinking one half your bodyweight in ounces.  For example, a non-pregnant, 140-pound woman should strive to drink 70 ounces of pure water everyday for optimal health.  This is just over eight-8 ounce glasses.  This may need to increase due to caffeine intake, perspiration, fever, diarrhea, or vomiting.  You won’t believe how much better you feel when you are hydrated!

People often ask me about water purification systems.  There are many good ones on the market.  We are currently using a Berkey Water Filter both at home and at work.  I like it because it is portable and simple to use. We have well water at home and the water has become contaminated over the years; it no longer even tastes good.  At the office, we have city water which is chemical-laden.  I believe tap water is generally a better choice than soda but sometimes it doesn’t taste so good either.  I have purchased three Berkeys so far and have absolutely no financial interest in them except on the purchasing end.  The water really tastes great!  

Once your body tells you that you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  A hydrated body produces nearly clear, colorless urine.  Developing the habit of drinking water is a gift you give yourself and your future family.  Pregnancy’s best drink is pure water.  Start out with the goal of increasing your intake just ½ cup a week until you reach your desired goal. LIVE YOUNGER by nourishing and healing your body with water.  You can do it.  All you have to do is START SOMEWHERE.  

Pregnancy's Best Drink is Pure Water

Pregnancy’s Best Drink is Pure Water