Growing up in “Cattle Country,” I thought all livestock produced basically the same quality of food.  But, that’s incorrect.  I’m learning that much of the chronic inflammatory diseases could be avoided with more informed food choices.  Organic, grass-fed Beef is something to consider if you desire to LIVE YOUNGER.

The term organic can be applied to all kinds of foods, including meat.  Whenever possible, purchase certified organic Beef that is also 100% certified grass-fed Beef.  Certified organic Beef is more likely to not contain unwanted pesticides, hormone residues, antibiotics, or other contaminants.  You can rest assured that certified organic Beef has not been irradiated or genetically modified.  Organic standards also lower the risk of contaminated feed being given to the animal.  

“Organic” does not guarantee that the beef cows have had a natural lifestyle or were allowed to graze.  It is wise to go beyond organic and also choose “100% grass-fed” when possible.  “Pasture raised” and “natural” can be meaningless, obscure terms because labeling laws allow this wording even when the animal spends minimal time in the pasture setting. is a good website that has a directory by state to find resources in your particular area.  

Red meat in moderation has it’s place in the eating routines of most people.  It has nutrients that will assist in our quest to LIVE YOUNGER.  Consider the following:

  • Grass-fed beef has continually been shown to contain higher levels of Vitamin E.  Vitamin E-rich foods help balance cholesterol and hormones, improve vision, and thickens hair, to name of few of its benefits.
  • Cows that forage in a pasture are more likely to have higher levels of beta-carotene than grain-fed beef.  
  • Since many plants contain alpha-linolenic acid, cows that are allowed to graze in a pasture typically pass on these higher levels of this omega-3 fatty acid.  It is considered an “essential” fatty acid because the body cannot produce it and it is beneficial for high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma.  
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is another added benefit and you get 500-800 milligrams from a four-ounce serving of grass-fed Beef.  CLA is linked with an increasing list of benefits including inflammatory and immune support, improved blood sugar regulation, increased bone mass, and reduced body fat.  

START SOMEWHERE enjoying quality organic, grass-fed Beef.  You can confidently enjoy it and know that your body is smiling inside.  LIVE YOUNGER with intentional, nutrient-dense food choices, when available.  You can do it. I will help you!

Organic Grass-Fed Beef

Organic Grass-Fed Beef