Gluten free products are everywhere.  What in the heck is all this talk about gluten free?  This trend was totally confusing to me before my gluten experience because there are smart people on opposite sides of this subject.

Five years ago I started experiencing wrist and finger stiffness just at random times.  This was terrifying to me because I love my work and my work depends on my fingers working freely.  Many dentists have musculoskeletal challenges and I feared that I was no exception.  Coincidentally, I heard about a functional medicine physician named Dr. Laura Miles and scheduled an evaluation at her clinic called Vitruvia. She is an expert in anti-aging medicine, which is all about finding imbalances before they become big problems.  I am “all in” when it comes to preventing complications and love “an ounce of prevention.”  It never occurred to me that this visit could address my joint stiffness.  I thought that was just a side effect of my profession.

As part of the work up, Dr. Miles did a food allergy panel and test for gluten sensitivity.  I had heard a patient of mine say, “health starts in the gut,” but I didn’t understand what that meant.  At my next appointment to go over my tests, Dr. Miles informed me that I was “gluten intolerant” and recommended that I get off all gluten.  I can remember thinking, “That’s the craziest thing in the world.  No way.  It is impossible.”  Nevertheless, I decided to try it for one month.

At first, there seemed to be nothing to eat! But, it was like driving a blue 2-door car with a dent in the fender. You suddenly start seeing other blue 2-door cars with a dent in the fender everywhere.  Suddenly I started seeing gluten free food, also labeled GF, everywhere.  And much of it was delicious.  About two weeks into this adventure, I noticed that my wrists and fingers were not stiff.  At one month, I ate some wheat bread just to test this hypothesis.  My stiffness returned.  Mmmmmmm…maybe there was a connection.

Join me this week as we explore the gluten free phenomenon.   My gluten experience propelled me to START SOMEWHERE to learn as much as possible.  I’ll share with you what I’m learning in our quest to LIVE YOUNGER and take the best care possible of these incredible bodies that we’ve been blessed with.  Small changes yield big benefits.  You can do it.  I will help you. Thanks for stopping by.

My Gluten Experience

My Gluten Experience