A picture really is worth a thousand words!  Ponder a treasured memory.  What do you see?  I treasure the memory of a blue and white double baby stroller.  One seat has a blond, blue-eyed boy and one seat has a brunette blue-eyed girl.  We had miles of smiles in that stroller!   I can see it so clearly.  If you want to remember something, think in pictures because that is how memories are stored.

Memories are stored in the region of the brain called the hippocampus.  Most of us have vivid emotional memories, both good and bad.  These memories stay with us usually for our entire lives.  This is why much of current learning is via videos or movies.  When you see information in pictures, you remember it much longer and much more clearly than you do if you read or hear the same information.

If information is presented orally, you will remember about ten percent when you are tested three days later.  But, if pictures are used during the lecture, you will remember about 65 percent.  Color pictures do more to help us remember than black and white pictures.  

How do you use this information to strengthen your brain power?

  1. Learn through animated presentations when possible.  Even simple animations work well.  Research shows that life-like or complex drawings are distracting and harder to remember.  This the theory in several of the language learning programs like Rosetta Stone.
  2. Communicate with less words and more pictures.  This was the theory behind USA Today, a brand new newspaper in the 1980’s.  Man predicted that it would never work but they now boast being number one in readership.  
  3. Join me for Snail Mail Monday!  Art Journaling is a form of creativity that anybody can enjoy.  It requires minimal materials and no “talent.”  I use techniques that I learned in Art Journaling to create handmade cards from simple materials.  You can also find the short videos on YouTube.

START SOMEWHERE boosting your brain power with more pictures.  Exercise your memory and your creativity.  You can do it.  I will help you.

Think in Pictures

Think in Pictures