Once a staple on United States Naval ships, these small white beans are also known as Boston Beans or Yankee Beans.  Since they don’t break into pieces when they are cooked, they are the optimal bean for making baked beans.  By the way, Massachusetts is known as the “baked bean state” and Navy Beans are their official vegetable.  This fact raised an important question about state vegetables and I found that most states don’t actually have one.  We do have one here in Oklahoma; it’s the Watermelon!  But more on that later!  Today, let’s talk about Navy Beans as a quality protein, carbohydrate, and fiber source to enhance LIVING YOUNGER.

The delicate flavor and smooth texture of Navy Beans, as well as the inexpensive availability, are great reasons to include them into your eating routine.  Here are some ways that Navy Beans enhance health for the entire body:

  1. Navy Beans provide enhanced support to the colon because of their “resistant starch” content.  Resistant starch is resistant to digestion and passes to the large intestine to be used by healthy bacteria as a food source.  Legumes including beans, peas, and lentils are complex carbohydrates that are all great sources.
  2. The soluble fiber content of Navy Beans was the original focus of their cardiovascular protection.  Their soluble fiber is especially helpful to regulate blood cholesterol, as well as decrease heart attack risk.
  3. One of the keys for blood sugar regulation and balance is the protein/fiber ratio found in these legumes.  This combination allows a slow and steady breakdown and movement through the digestive tract and helps prevent extremes in blood sugar balance.
  4. They provide powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits because they are an outstanding source of anthocyanin flavonoids such as delphinidin, petunidin, and malvidin.  

Let’s talk about Navy Beans when it comes to inexpensive and delicious nutrition!  LIVE YOUNGER by incorporating legumes into your eating plan for quality protein, complex carbohydrates and beneficial fiber.  START SOMEWHERE today eating intentionally and feeling better.  You can do it.  I will help you!  

Let's Talk about Navy Beans

Let’s Talk about Navy Beans