What a fantastic fragrance!  It reminds me of summer.  Dill was considered a sign of wealth among the Romans and Greeks and it’s a great herb to have in your cabinet for those striving to LIVE YOUNGER.  With feathery green leaves, Dill is an annual, self-seeding plant that is easy to grow and attracts beneficial garden insects.  This herb is commonly used in pickling, salads, and soups; we love it in scrambled eggs.  It’s a good deal to plant Dill and enjoy it’s flavor and healthful qualities!

I talk a lot about colorful foods that contain flavonoid compounds.  These powerful antioxidants are a key to vitality.  Dill contains flavonoids such as kaempferol and the monoterpene phytonutrients called limonene.  These have been proven to activate glutathione, the body’s most powerful antioxidant.  Glutathione is essential for liver detoxification.  In our modern world, we give our body lots of chemicals that need to be cleared in the liver and it requires lots of antioxidants.  

The natural volatile oils in Dill help neutralize benzopyrenes, carcinogens that result from cigarette smoke and charcoal grill smoke.  These phytonutrient volatile oils also help prevent bacterial overgrowth.  

Add some spice to your life with these Dilled Fresh Green Beans:

  • 4 large handfuls of fresh green beans
  • 2 tablespoons grass-fed butter
  • 3 tablespoons fresh Dill, chopped
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  1. Bring a pot of salted water to boil.
  2. Plunge beans into water and cook three minutes or until tender but still firm.
  3. Drain beans and add to skillet with Dill and butter.  Stir over low heat until butter melts.  Season to taste.  
  4. Enjoy!

It’s best to add fresh Dill as a garnish to maximize its flavor and nutritional content.  When dried as a spice, heating will help release its flavor.  The aromatic seeds are especially good in breads, beans, and cabbage dishes.  Use about  one-third the amount of dried Dill as you would use for fresh.  START SOMEWHERE today using more of this gorgeous herb.  Remember, it’s a good deal to plant Dill. It’s inexpensive but gives a wealth of flavor and health benefits.  LIVE YOUNGER with the whole food that your body craves.  You can do it.  I will help you.

It's a Good Deal to Plant Dill

It’s a Good Deal to Plant Dill