I’m turning into mush.  It’s the only sad consequence of pursuing a dream.  My dream of furthering my education has required hundreds of hours of sitting and studying.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to have an audience for what I’m learning, and now it is time to really “practice what I am preaching.”  It’s time for a START SOMEWHERE reset.

So here we go! Over the coming weeks I’ll document exactly what I’m doing to START SOMEWHERE and make changes in my lifestyle. I’d encourage you to think about joining me in this exciting time. The #SSWReset will be my way of sharing my progress with you. Use that hashtag to share your results with the Start Somewhere community. Let me  tell you a little bit more about how I got here (to mush) as I share part of my “why” of wellness.

The dream started developing in 2010.  Up to that time, I would ask patients about their health, recommend digestive probiotics when they were on antibiotics, and listen to their increasing health challenges.  Research was emerging on the connection between the mouth and the rest of the body, termed the “Oral-Systemic Link.”   The information was fascinating and was in line with what I was observing in my patient population as well as among my family and friends.  

One thing leads to another.  When the car slows down, I eagerly jump in! In early 2013, I was asked to give a national webinar to physicians on the benefits of oral probiotics.  I immediately said, “Yes!” and then, “What’s a webinar?”  I really enjoyed the preparation required.  In 2014, an opportunity to attend Mayo Clinic’s Wellness Coaching Program surfaced. As their first dentist to attend, I began learning about helping people find their “why” of lifestyle change.

About the same time, I had applied to The American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine and enrolled in their Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine.  Most of the participants were physicians.  The “anti-aging” element is not what you would initially assume. It is nothing about cosmetics or cosmetic surgery.  It is all about finding the root cause of chronic disease based on peer-reviewed science.  It is about health from the inside out. These doctors are spending time and money with eager, open minds to find nutritional and lifestyle strategies to help their chronically-ill patients.  It is an inspiring group!

My dental school education in the early 1980s was mostly about the oral cavity.  We spent four years learning about 32 teeth. That’s where my credentials are.  Therefore, I felt that I needed accreditation in the medical arena and applied to a Master’s Program in Metabolic Nutrition at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, recently renamed the Morsani College of Medicine.  As a 57-year-old dentist, I feel privileged and thankful that they accepted me.  

I love my job.  At my “front row seat of life,” in the dental operatory, I have had the opportunity to observe both good and bad lifestyle strategies and the consequences of both.  Tragically, I’ve seen regret when people realize that they could have done things differently.  Often, people just haven’t found their “why.”  That’s my motivation.

So, those are some of the reasons that I’m turning into mush – not my brain, just my body. Join me as I START SOMEWHERE making small changes to reverse this problem. I know with my brain that it is possible!  It’s time to put that knowledge to the test.  Start Somewhere Reset starts today!

I'm Turning into Mush

I’m Turning into Mush