One of the most widely consumed condiments in the world, Ginger has been used for thousands of years for a variety of ailments including nausea, arthritis, colds, migraine headaches, and high blood pressure.  It’s been widely studied and is generally considered safe.  Native to Asia, it has been used as a cooking spice for at least 4,400 years.  The anticancer potential of Ginger is well-documented and Ginger spices up vitality on numerous avenues.  It can help you LIVE YOUNGER!

The beige, thickly knotted underground stem is a rhizome that is actually this delectable spice.  START SOMEWHERE today utilizing Ginger root’s potential health benefits for the following common challenges:

  1. Indigestion:  Ginger contains phenolic compounds which stimulate bile and saliva production and suppress gastric contractions to help relieve gastrointestinal irritation.  Phenolic compounds have been intensely studied for their anti-tumor properties and their possible role in cancer prevention.  It’s considered to be an excellent carminative, which is a substance that reduces intestinal gas.  That’s a good thing!
  2. Nausea:  Drinking Ginger tea or even chewing on raw Ginger is a fantastic home remedy for nausea and is safe to use during pregnancy or during chemotherapy treatment.  Now we know it is due to the potent gingerols, which are inflammatory compounds shown to significantly decrease arthritic pain.  
  3. Weakened immunity:  Ginger tea is comforting on a cold day and promotes diaphoresis, which means that it promotes sweating.  This is especially good when you are fighting a cold or the flu.  Sweating is one of the ways that our bodies detoxify.  In Ayurvedic medicine, it is believed that Ginger helps break down toxins by warming the body and cleansing the lymphatic system.  
  4. Inflammation:  Used for centuries to tame inflammatory conditions, we now know that its benefits are due to the potent gingerols.  These pungent phenol inflammatory compounds have been shown to significantly decrease arthritic pain and Ginger root is currently being researched as a safe option for other inflammatory conditions such as colon cancer.  
  5. Motion Sickness:  80 new sailors who were prone to motion sickness were in a trial using Ginger root and a placebo.  Those who took the powdered ginger root experienced less cold sweats and vomiting than those who took the placebo.  
  6. Pregnancy-related Nausea and Vomiting:  Pregnant women should talk to their physicians first but human trials have shown positive results.  In a trial of 70 pregnant women who were experiencing nausea and vomiting, those who took one gram of Ginger every day for four days felt better than those who got the placebo.  It also may help control nausea related to cancer chemotherapy.   

With a long history as a folk remedy, Ginger is considered generally safe in most people.  Since it increases the flow of bile from the gallbladder, people with gallstone disease need to use caution.  There is mild concern that it may interact with blood thinners when given as a dried powder at higher doses.

Ginger tea is easy to make and is delicious and comforting:

  • Grate about a Tablespoon of fresh Ginger root into a glass cup
  • Pour 1 ½ to 2 cups of filtered boiling water over it
  • Let set for about ten minutes
  • Add fresh lemon juice or a dab of maple syrup if desired. (I actually prefer it plain!)
  • Enjoy!  

Ginger spices up vitality for life!  LIVE YOUNGER by enjoying Ginger tea and including it in a variety of foods.  We grate a bit in our morning shake, which adds a nice zip!  START SOMEWHERE today exploring real food that gives your body what it needs to function its best for you.  You can do it.  I will help you.

Ginger Spices Up Vitality

Ginger Spices Up Vitality