This was a Snail Mail rescue today!  

Although I had a definite plan, it didn’t quite turn out the same on camera!

It likely won’t surprise you that I got a little carried away with base texture using Super Heavy Gesso and an old flower cookie cutter.  

The colors ran together and the gelatos pooled up around it. It looked and felt like a mess! The glitter paste and molding paste saved the day!   

Here’s what I used:

  • Mix Media Paper (Canson, 7 in x 10 in, 97 lb)
  • Gesso (Super Heavy Gesso by Liquitex)
  • Texture Maker (I used an old flower cookie cutter)
  • Gelatos (Faber-Castell)
  • Gloves
  • Glitter Paste (BoBunny in Lemonade)
  • Molding Paste (Coarse Molding Paste by Golden)
  • Stencil ( Poppy Forest by Donna Downey)
  • Color for molding paste design (Distress Ink or markers or paint…)

Here’s the drill:

  1. With gloved hands, apply gesso to the paper.  Make designs using an old cookie cutter or anything that you have laying around.  
  2. Let dry thoroughly and then apply color with gelatos.
  3. This also needs to set for about 15 minutes.  At this point, evaluate whether or not you like the feel of the card.  I didn’t!
  4. If you want a rougher texture, glove up and apply the glitter paste.  This also helps seal the colors.
  5. When then dries, position the stencil.  Using a palette knife, apply the molding paste.  This needs to dry thoroughly too.
  6. Rather than washing this gorgeous molding paste down the sink, wipe off the excess onto an art journal page.  These layers of “excess” from Snail Mail are the foundation for gorgeous layouts later!
  7. Reposition the stencil over the dried design and apply color.  

It actually doesn’t have to have color on the molding paste design.  

It is a nice contrast to have the roughness over the textured, sparkly surface.

Do whatever you feel!

I ended up brightening up the poppies with a Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen (big brush).  Although this was looking like a mess, it turned out just fine!

The thing we all need to remember is that when any card is received, it is gorgeous to the recipient.

We’ve got to all get rid of our inner critic and just enjoy the process!

Gelatos, coarse molding paste and poppy forest