Enjoying your food within a 12-hour window is a smart strategy to help maintain a healthy weight.  “Time restricted eating” or “intermittent fasting can provide important health benefits such as helping improve your insulin/leptin sensitivity and burning fat for fuel during the fasting window.  Fasting 12 hours everyday to LIVE YOUNGER.

A medical journal called Cell Metabolism  recently published an interesting study.  Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies concluded that time-restricted eating not only prevented but reversed obesity and obesity-related metabolic problems.  This includes improving Insulin Resistance  (WooHoo!) which plagues much of the American population and leads to chronic, lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

When our bodies are in a continuous “feast mode” due to eating late at night and starting the day with sugary donuts or sweeten drinks, then our systems get used to only burning sugar.  The enzymes that burn stored fat get “down-regulated”, which suppresses the response. Fasting 12 Hours Everyday helps regenerate the systems we were designed with to keep a healthy rhythm.

The interesting thing is that total caloric intake doesn’t change with time-restricted eating.  Despite this, the potential therapeutic effects include:

  • Improved metabolic efficiency
  • Decreased Insulin Resistance
  • Reduced LDL and total cholesterol
  • Cardiovascular benefits similar to exercise
  • Decreased visceral fat (the fat stored around vital organs)
  • Improved pancreatic function
  • Improved leptin function (the “satiety” hormone)
  • Slowed progression of Type II Diabetes
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Reduction in body weight in obese individuals
  • Improvement of other biomarkers of health

Put more hours between dinner and breakfast to LIVE YOUNGER.  This will slow the aging process and you will feel better. If you’re in the habit of late-night snacking, START SOMEWHERE today to set goals of eating a bit earlier just a little at a time.  Remember, retraining your routines in increments works better for most people to avoid feeling deprived.  So much of eating is not from hunger but just from habit. Fasting 12 Hours Everyday to give your body what it needs to work optimally for you.  START SOMEWHERE today with one small change.  You can do it.  I will help you.

Fasting 12 Hours Everyday

Fasting 12 Hours Everyday