You can’t control age and genetics, but you can control what you do for yourself.  Building strength and endurance before trying to conceive is important because exercise enhances fertility and will definitely benefit your life during pregnancy and beyond.  Getting fit before pregnancy is important because there are some exercises that you may not be allowed to do during pregnancy.  Our bodies and minds get weak if we don’t use them and parenting requires that both be as strong as possible!  Create and follow an exercise program before you get pregnant and you will feel more like moving when you get pregnant.

Getting in shape doesn’t mean that you have to be able to complete a triathlon.  There’s definitely a healthy, happy medium!  Here are some ways that you will benefit from a common-sense exercise commitment:

  • You will have more energy
  • Your blood sugar will be more stable
  • Your muscles, heart, and lungs will be stronger
  • Your blood sugar and insulin will be better

There are two main categories of exercise, and a good exercise routine includes both:

  1. Aerobic:  This is any continuous activity that burns up oxygen in the blood via working most of the body.  Aerobic exercise, also called “cardio,”  causes breathing and heart rates to increase which increases oxygen delivery to the tissues and cells.  With regular aerobic exercise, your body will function better in every way.  
  2. Resistance:  Specific muscle groups are worked during resistance exercise. Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and weightlifting are all examples of resistance exercise.  These stronger muscles result in a leaner body mass.  

Both types of exercise promote excess weight loss and increase basal metabolic rate.  The key point of exercise as it relates to pregnancy is that it improves insulin sensitivity which increases fertility.  Insulin unlocks the door of the cell to let sugar inside where it can be used for energy.  When cells stay sensitive, the glucose gets to where it can be used.   High blood insulin levels disrupt hormonal balance and can halt ovulation.  Lack of exercise contributes to the cells to becoming resistant to the insulin.  

Remember, exercise enhances fertility.  We were created to move and our mind, body and spirit all need to be active.  Create and follow an exercise plan before you get pregnant. You can do it.  Just START SOMEWHERE!  

Exercise Enhances Fertility

Exercise Enhances Fertility