The camera captured me by surprise today and caught me flossing!  It’s something I do every day, but not usually with an audience.  Since healthy gums with zero bleeding are essential for LIVING YOUNGER, I’ll just use this topic for today’s Art Smart Minute.  Healthy gums don’t bleed.  Bleeding gums negatively affect every part of your body, including your brain.  START SOMEWHERE flossing today, even if it’s just your front teeth.  You’ll build dexterity and soon it will be second nature.  Find a skilled dental hygienist who also has zero tolerance for gum inflammation and will help you get your mouth healthy.

Today’s Snail Mail is very different!  As I was doing it, I thought it was headed for ephemera in my Art Journal.  Nevertheless, the final product is very interesting.  I wish you could feel of it; the texture is rich and thick.  If you don’t have many pieces of printed tissue paper, make your own using archival ink stamped on a plain sheet of tissue.  Try this basic technique for an encouragement card with molding paste and see what you think!

Here’s what I used:

My molding paste was getting dried out and was initially too thick to work with.  I thinned it with a little clear gesso, which worked well.  It needs at least an hour to get fully dry.  This is the first time that I have used the Art-C paint.  It has some nice grit to it!  I suspect that my steel blue gotten had either too cold or too hot somewhere along the way because the consistency was very thick compared to the other two colors.  It dried looking metallic, which I ended up liking.

Here’s the drill:

  1. Glue down the tissue with Matte Medium and let dry.
  2. Put down a layer of color.  This dries fast!
  3. Apply molding paste through stencil with a palette knife and let this dry thoroughly.
  4. With gloved fingers, start applying color until you are happy with it.

Initially, I expected to place the colors separately but they actually blended well.  The point of Art Journaling is to try out different techniques and materials.  Today’s encouragement card with molding paste was a total experiment that created something very different than what usually comes off of my art table.  I like it!  

Encouragement Card with Molding Paste

Encouragement Card with Molding Paste