You don’t have to be female to love Snail Mail!  Creativity is good for brain health and even men need healthy brains!  Think of the incredible Renaissance artists…what names pop into your head?  Most of them are probably men.  I wonder if they started their craft by decorating notes to send to their friends?  It’s something to ponder!  START SOMEWHERE with this encouragement card using collage, crackle paste, Lindy’s Magicals, and washi tape.

Today’s card is another colorful, textured creation.  The possibilities from this process are endless.  Here’s what I used:

Anytime that molding paste or crackle paste is involved, there’s some hefty drying time.  I rushed it today on camera and some of the texture flaked off.  That doesn’t happen if you let it dry for a couple of hours.  You can easily make your own tissue paper collage by randomly stamping inexpensive tissue paper with archival ink.  Here’s the drill:

  1. Glove up!
  2. Collage tissue paper onto mix media paper with matte medium.  In my original card, I crumpled it.  On camera I forgot to do this.  The crumpling creates a nice background texture.
  3. When dry, arrange stencil.  You can tape it down with painter’s tape to stabilize it.  This stencil was easy to hold in place.
  4. Apply crackle paste through the stencil.  Clean your stencil immediately after use.
  5. When the paste is completely dry, mix pigment powders with water and apply to stenciled design.
  6. With a fine mist of water, spritz the color.  You may need to blot the excess water.
  7. Stamp text onto a wrapping tissue scrap with archival ink and tear around the edges to soften the interface.
  8. Collage text onto card with matte medium.
  9. Spray with glimmer mist.  
  10. Trim the card to fit the envelope.  The washi tape takes up some of the room.  I could barely get my card into the envelope!
  11. When dry, outline with washi tape.
  12. Write a note, address, stamp, and smile!

Snail Mail is good for your brain and anything that is good for your brain will help you to LIVE YOUNGER.  START SOMEWHERE today exercising your creative muscles with this encouragement card using collage, crackle paste, Lindy’s Magicals, and washi tape.  You can do it.  I will help you.

Encouragement Card Using Collage

Encouragement Card Using Collage