Sometimes there’s an elaborate plan but often great things start with just a single idea.  That’s what happened in today’s Snail Mail.  And, it’s also how life often goes, even related to health and LIVING YOUNGER.  Getting started is the most important step.  You don’t need a grand, well-thought-out strategy to start making small changes that can yield big results.  This elegant encouragement card using Art-C Paint and molding paste didn’t have a blueprint!

Thanks to Kathleen R., this card has a paper insert.  This is a great idea when you get too much paint on the inside.  I really appreciate your kind comments!

Here’s what I used today:

Initially, I knew that I wanted to play with the Art-C paints and molding paste.  It had also occurred to me to try using a brayer to apply color to the raised area.  This worked better than I would have expected!  The extra paint on the brayer was perfect for getting some color on the envelope.  Lately I have enjoyed outlining cards with washi tape and planned to do that.  However, this elegant card really didn’t need it.  

Here’s the drill:

  1. With gloved hands, apply gesso to your paper.  I like to prepare lots of paper at once with gesso and have it ready to go.
  2. When gesso is dry, randomly apply color to the background.  This dries really fast with the Art-C.
  3. Align your stencil and apply molding paste with a wide palette knife.
  4. When the molding paste is dry, trim card.
  5. Spread out your contrasting color with a brayer on a flat surface. Then, apply it lightly on top of the molding paste.  It works best to have just a little on the brayer at a time.  
  6. Cut out the copy paper to fit inside the folded card.  Fold them together and punch two holes for tying them together.
  7. Using any kind of binding string or ribbon, tie a bow or knot to join the cards.  
  8. Write a note of encouragement, address, stamp, mail, and smile!

As I was typing this, I observed the lids of the paint more closely.  On camera, I said that the blue had dried out.  But I was wrong!  Actually, the blue is texture cream and the other colors are  paint!  Enjoy creating this elegant encouragement card using Art-C and molding paste.  Join me each day as we learn simple ways to START SOMEWHERE for enhanced health and joy! Thanks for joining me.

Elegant Encouragement Card Using Art-C and Molding Paste

Elegant Encouragement Card Using
Art-C and Molding Paste