You never know where Art Journaling will take you!  When this Dream Fearlessly Art-Journaled Card adventure started, I started out only knowing that I wanted to use:

  • Larger envelopes and larger cards to open art supply options!
  • Washi Tape:  It’s been piling up, it’s beautiful, and I haven’t been using it successfully enough.
  • Adage Tickets:  These have been unused for too long and are full of inspiration.

At this point on my art table, the Dina Wakley heavy body acrylics are my go-to paints, and a large flower stencil was calling my name.  Also, I’m using smaller mix media paper in order to make larger cards, with only one card per sheet. That’s a nice change that adds more flexibility for larger stencils.  Here’s what I used to create this gorgeous Snail Mail:

Regardless of what your craft stash looks like, the options are endless!  The same basic process works with any kind of paint, any stencil, and any color combination.  There was no grand plan initially today but I love the funky and inspiring result.  Here’s the drill:

  1. Prime your page with gesso.  If you don’t have gloves, use an old gift card or disposable sponge.  Gesso is a hassle to clean out of a brush!
  2. Randomly apply acrylic paint.  I started with just three colors that blended well.
  3. Next, apply paint with your gloved finger or a baby wipe through the letter stencil.
  4. Cut into desired card size.
  5. With large stencil, paint in the large design.  Here’s where I added a couple of different colors for dimension.
  6. When this is completely dry, press glitter paste into the outline with a palette knife.  This takes a while to dry completely.  Be sure to wash off the stencil and palette knife immediately.  The glitter paste dries into concrete!
  7. Glue desired wording on.
  8. Wrap washi tape around edges and fold.
  9. Smile!  Write a note, seal, address, stamp and send.  (And make somebody else smile too!)

Thank you for being part the START SOMEWHERE community!  Art is a wonderful stress-busting outlet that all ages can enjoy. Decreased stress translates into increased health and vitality.  I hope you enjoyed finding another whimsical way to use your washi tape stash with this Dream Fearlessly Art-Journaled Card!  Be sure to join me Monday through Friday at where we are learning to LIVE YOUNGER together.  

Dream Fearlessly Art-Journaled Card

Dream Fearlessly Art-Journaled Card