Curiosity is good for your brain!  It enhances learning and relationships. Today we exercised our curiosity to answer the question: “Do Distress Oxides and Fiber Paste play well together?”  I learned that they do but the layers need to be dried more thoroughly than I did in the video.  Hope you have a great time with this fun project!  

Here’s what I used today:

Here’s the drill:

  1. Wrinkle your tissue paper!  It adds even MORE texture!  
  2. Adhere the tissue to the mix media paper using matte medium.
  3. When dry, apply fiber paste with a palette knife. (This takes about an hour to dry.)
  4. “Smoosh” ink onto craft sheet and spritz with water.  Dip textured side of card into the water.  Dry between colors that you don’t want to mix.
  5. When you are happy with your creation, spritz it with glimmer spray.
  6. Be sure to decorate your envelope too!
  7. Write a note, seal, address, stamp, mail and smile!

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Distress Oxides and Fiber Paste Snail Mail

Distress Oxides and Fiber Paste Snail Mail