We are all so different!  Some things totally energize me and other activities drain me completely.  What about you?   It is valuable for your health and wellbeing to be in tune with what will deplete, replete, or sustain you.  Decreasing stress intentionally is one of the best strategies to LIVE YOUNGER.


The concept of a Deplete/Replete/Sustain list came to me during my Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching training in Rochester, Minnesota.  Since one of the the main objectives of wellness coaching is to build on innate and acquired strengths, it is necessary to spend time digging deep to figure those out.  It is equally important to know your weaknesses.  When you evaluate which weakness can be strengthened – likely with the help of your natural gifts – then you can accept which ones are not worth the trouble.  For example, I have absolutely no sense of direction. It is pathetic!  My family jokes about it but it is terrifying to be in a strange place and not know which way is up. No matter how hard I try, I can never “feel” north.  I have finally accepted this as a black hole in my brain; consequently, I have to use other tools to find my way around.  When alone, I have to be super intentional about where I am and especially where I parked.  Waiting until all the cars leave the parking lot so that I can find my vehicle is an option, but is really embarrassing and exhausting!


Here’s your homework.  Get a piece of paper and make three columns:  Deplete/Replete/Sustain.  For at least one day, write your activities in one of these columns and ask yourself some questions:


  • What makes my heart sing? What puts fuel in my tank?  (Put this in the Replete column.)
  • What activities do I dread?  (Put this in the Deplete column.)
  • What could I delegate to someone else? (This is a Deplete that can quickly become a Replete.)
  • What has to be done and there is just no way of getting around it? (Put this in the Sustain column.)
  • What is my best time of day to get things done? (Harness this!)
  • In which column are you spending most of your time?  (This will give you clues about how you feel physically, mentally, and spiritually.)


Although it is super simple, this list is an interesting assessment of stressors that typically surprises people.  You will get amazing insight if you can keep it for one week.  Stress is the major reason people go to the doctor – and this includes the cardiologist.  START SOMEWHERE today to make your Replete list longer.   LIVE YOUNGER by decreasing stress in your life and having more energy for the people you love.  You can do it.  I’m here to help.

Decreasing Stress

Decreasing Stress