I’m really not an artist.  I just play one on YouTube!  That’s pretty obvious!  But what exactly is a real artist?  My enjoyment of creating with art supplies is real!  You too can have loads of fun just by letting yourself go and being an “elementary art girl” (or boy) and enjoying your Art Journal or making a card to send to someone.  Either way, everybody wins!  Create Snail Mail and smile!

Snail Mail started as a result of a Bible study that I was teaching to a group of women who had been rescued from human trafficking.  In getting to know them, I discovered that art was a wonderful mode of communication for us.  By going back to our elementary art selves, we developed a strong bond via scissors, glue, paint, and paper.  Art can remove walls.  It was beautiful.

Today’s creation is a fun one.  Remember, it’s the process that matters.  Use whatever products you have on hand.  Art Journaling is all about using what you have.  Here’s what I used today:

Another great thing about Art Journaled Snail Mail is that you can use any color you want!  The grass doesn’t have to be green, the sky doesn’t have to be blue, and there are no rules to remember.  Just do your own thing and have fun!  Here’s the basic process for today:

  1. Crinkle the tissue paper with all your might.
  2. Glue it to the paper, embracing the wrinkles.
  3. When dry, coat lightly with clear gesso.  This adds more texture.
  4. In the meantime, stamp images onto craft tag.
  5. Paint image.  You could use a water color pencil here!
  6. Cut out image.  Here’s your chance to “fussy cut” if you’re so inclined!  I cut my flower out very roughly on purpose.
  7. Trim card to desired size.
  8. Fold card and decide if you want it to be landscape or portrait in orientation.  
  9. Position image and glue down.
  10. Select text.  It may need extra “sticky” with the glue stick.   
  11. Write a note, seal, stamp, and smile!

Snail Mail is a great way to brighten someone’s day as well as your own!  Create Snail Mail and Smile!  Enjoy exploring your creative side.  You can do it.  I will help you.

Create Snail Mail And Smile!

Create Snail Mail And Smile!