Have you been bitten by the Art Journaling Bug?  It’s a fun virus to have! It’s probably contagious too!  One of the symptoms is that you start collecting mountains of stencils and stamps because there are so many irresistible designs.  Today, I intentionally used a lonely stencil – one that had never been used and was without any color – to make a colorful silhouette encouragement card.  My challenge to you today is to also use something in your stash that is still in the package!

I am consumed with the desire to help people START SOMEWHERE moving toward more vibrant health.  Health is as much about relationships as it is about smart nutrition and movement.  If you enjoy Art Journaling, find a group to meet with regularly!  If you can’t find a group, start one!  LIVE YOUNGER with relationships that nurture your body, mind and spirit.

Here’s what I used:

Here’s the drill:

  1. Apply a thin layer of gesso to the mix media paper.  I like to gesso a pile of paper at once and have it ready.
  2. Select three colors that are close to each other on the color wheel.  I used Ocean, Lemon, and Evergreen as the base layer.  With gloved hands, cover the paper with these colors.  Let the patches blend!
  3. Put out small bits of your other paint colors; it doesn’t take much for this step.  
  4. Randomly apply through stencils all over the paper.  The more different the colors, the better!  When you think it is finished, add some more.
  5. Use a little metallic paint!
  6. Let this layer dry thoroughly.
  7. Trim your paper to fit the envelope and get perspective on the front of the card.  
  8. Hold the silhouette down and apply white paint out from it as shown in the YouTube.
  9. Stamp text onto tissue paper and tear around the edges.
  10. Glue down with matte medium.  The tissue will disappear/dissolve into the image.

My daughter and I went to an Art Journaling demonstration at our favorite art store.  Maura showed us this basic technique using the internal part of the stencil rather than a mask.  I’ll demo that one next week for Snail Mail Monday.  START SOMEWHERE today rediscovering your inner art girl and make a fun and colorful silhouette encouragement card.  Have fun with projects that can only “go right”. You can do it.  I will help you!

Colorful Silhouette Encouragement Card

Colorful Silhouette Encouragement Card