Aspartame-Be Informed

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Fireflies & Running Water

Does gratitude affect health?  In today’s brief video we will explore the impact of a grateful heart on your health.  Amazingly enough, researchers figured out a way to measure the impact of gratitude.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the video!

Does your brain sleep?

So, just what does your brain do while you sleep?  For the latest research, enjoy today’s posting.  Thanks for stopping by and please share this with your friends and loved ones.

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Optimal Vitamin D

Much new research is coming out on Alzheimer’s disease.  Join me as we explore the connection of Vitamin D to better brain health.

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Drink Up for Brain Health

Welcome to “Friday Food for Thought”.   This week we will be exploring the significance of hydration on our brain health.  Thanks for stopping by and please share with your friends.

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What kind of Brain do you want?

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