Today was a simple, yet stunningly colorful Snail Mail!  

The food wrap is thicker than tissue paper but lighter than deli paper.  It’s the perfect weight for collage paper and worked beautifully, creating fantastic texture, with the Brusho Colours.  

Stretch your creativity muscles with the art supplies you have!

The possibilities are absolutely endless!

Here’s what I used today:  

I experimented by putting the ink crystals down first and then the starch on one sheet.  

On the other sheet, I put the starch down first and then sprinkled on the ink crystals.

By putting the starch down first, it was easier to tell how the color was popping out.  

Since I tend to overdo color, this is my preferred method. See what you like!

Here’s the drill:

  1. Spray a light coat of spray starch on the blank paper.  Sprinkle the ink crystals randomly, letting them burst and blend.
  2. Continue with color and spritzes of spray starch until you are happy with it.
  3. When this is thoroughly dry, adhere to mix media paper with matte medium and let dry.
  4. Trim to desired size.  
  5. This is a beautiful “stand alone” design or you can adhere a message.  I used Dylusions spray to decorate it because I was pressed for time today.
  6. This  9×12 paper makes two note cards that fit nicely in a size A2 envelope.  
  7. Write a note, stamp, address, mail and smile!   

Have a great time at your art table!  

Thanks for joining me today for Snail Mail.  Let’s revive the art of the stamped letter together!  

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 Brusho Ink, Spray Starch, Food Wrap Mix Media Snail Mail