My friend Marti grew up in a home where her dad expected dinner to be on the stove when he arrived home from work.  She hilariously tells the story of how her mother dealt with that demand on busy days when she wasn’t prepared.  She simply sauteed onions and garlic!  She might have no earthly idea of what she was going to prepare, but that aroma kept her husband happy.  Breathe Onion’s benefits as we discover together their fantastic influence on LIVING YOUNGER.

Onions were used as currency during the building of the pyramids; paintings of Onions can be found on their inner walls.  They have been used as medicine for millennia, and the first Pilgrims carried them over on the Mayflower.  Since North America already had many strains of wild Onions, the Native American Indians used them in a variety of ways, both as a vegetable and as a seasoning.    

Do Onions irritate your eyes?  They do mine!  Apparently, the stronger the smell and the more irritating they are, the more beneficial properties they contain.  Allyl propyl sulfoxides are the sulfur-containing phytonutrients that are responsible for this.  These volatile flavor compounds, along with other beneficial nutrients in the Onion, help us LIVE YOUNGER by:

  • Supporting healthy bone density
  • Helping to prevent dangerous clumping of blood platelets
  • Strengthening connective tissue
  • Decreasing chronic inflammation (especially red onions)
  • Improving blood sugar balance
  • Lowering the risk of several cancers

Research tells us that cutting Onions up into smaller pieces via chopping, mincing, and slicing will enhance the above LIVE YOUNGER properties.  This releases the benefits of the sulfur-based compound alliin to interact and be activated by an enzyme called alliinase.  In the uncut form, these two are separated from each other in the Onions structure.  (Isn’t our world amazingly designed???)  When these two elements come into contact with each other, they join to form a powerful new compound called thiopropanal sulfoxide.  This sulfur compound transformation increases the finer the Onions are cut.  It is best to let Onions sit for ten minutes after cutting to maximize this reaction since heat will halt the process.   

I’ve always heard that Onions soak up bacteria when left out in the air.  Some people believe that they can act as sponges, soaking up viruses or flu bugs.  While there are many opinions, apparently this is just an “old wives tale” that has been proven wrong.  If you want the health benefits of Onions, you have to eat them!   

Onions are a rich reservoir of flavor and nutrients.  If you don’t know what’s for dinner, just start sauteeing some Onions and Garlic and soon you’ll have ideas!  START SOMEWHERE today to breathe Onion’s benefits and include them in your eating plan.  LIVE YOUNGER by eating intentionally. You can do it.  I will help you.

Breathe Onion's Benefits

Breathe Onion’s Benefits