This was both a rough week to publish my food and activity journal and this was a great week to publish my food and activity journal. Being out of town five of the seven days at a class in Phoenix, this record-keeping helped me make better out-of-town choices. Although it’s still not the best example, my intentions were good.  This wasn’t a vacation; it was a series of intense classes in a nice hotel out in the desert.  There was a grocery market within walking distance where we bought the almond milk, cheese, crackers, and blueberries.  Although traveling can wreck even the best of intentions, I say, “Bravely Onward!”

A written record is already providing me with:

  • Accountability!:  The old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” really fits here.  Knowing that I am making a commitment to record my food and activity for a couple of months makes me think twice about what I put in my body and whether or not I get up and move after a long day at work.
  • An opportunity to see trends.  This is helping me see my weak spots.  Everyday I get ravenously hungry mid afternoon. Having a bag of raw pecans and a bag of raw cashews in my backpack in class made all the difference.  The hotel provided midafternoon sugary snacks that really didn’t even look appetizing.  I probably would have eaten them out of default if I didn’t have my own stash.
  • An objective grid to evaluate “why”:  For example, if my  sleep was restless or slow to come, I could look at my fuel intake and activity log for possible reasons.  If my energy was high, the record of quality food motivates me to continue to make wise food choices.
  • Reinforcement to make mid-course corrections:  I see every day as a fresh chance to make positive progress.  Over the years, I’ve fallen prey to the mid-after snack wagon at continuing education classes that only put me into a sugar stupor.  The bags of nut protein were satisfying and helped keep me alert.  

If something is really special and delicious, I want to taste it.  If the view is better at the top of the mountain, I want to be able to hike up and enjoy it.   Having the most vibrant mind and body possible is important to me.  I believe that God has given us this vehicle in life and has a purpose for each of us.   From my front row seat of life as a dentist, it has been clear that intentional living makes all the difference toward LIVING YOUNGER.  Next week is a new opportunity. What is important to you?  Live with intention.  Bravely onward! Below you will find my activity and food logs from last week! 




Bravely Onward

Bravely Onward