Are you fearful of the future especially as it pertains to brain health and cognition? Well, I am bringing you news you can use for the future of your brain health. We live in an era of lifestyle disease, and I want to help you make sure you are doing what you can to prevent these illnesses to the best of your ability! Not everyone that gets Alzheimer’s Disease gets it because of lifestyle. We know that lifestyle elements contribute and that there are things we can do to slow it down or even prevent it.

I heard an interesting interview between Dr. David Perlmutter and Dr. Melissa Schilling. You can watch it here. Dr. Schilling started researching inflammatory problems and what contributes to them. I will give you a breakdown of that study today so that you can start making small changes today to help you possibly fend off these terrible problems.

Brain Fitness: Insulin and Alzheimer's

Brain Fitness: Insulin and Alzheimer’s