Hey everyone! I hope your weekend (it may be still going) was fabulous! I had a great time this weekend. I was invited to Orlando, Florida to speak on one of my favorite topics, the Oral Systemic Link. I spoke to attendees of the Xymogen Experience Conference and had a wonderful time. I won’t be posting a Snail Mail video today, as I am just returning from my trip.

I enjoy speaking to groups on a variety of health topics. If you have a group that you would like for me to come speak to, please send me an email at dr.debbie@startsomewherewellness.com. I love speaking to groups about how to feel your best and “live younger.” Some of my current presentation topics include:

  • Best Anti-Aging Strategies for 2017
  • Brain Fitness:  Our Brains Can Regenerate
  • Preconception Wellness: How to Nourish You Body to Prepare for Pregnancy
  • Outsmarting Your Genetics

If you have any other health topic that you are interested in, feel free to request it in your email.