I love the word “probiotic.”  It is derived from the Latin preposition “pro” which means “for” and the Greek word “bios” meaning “life.”  These health-promoting, beneficial living bacteria are used to restore and maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the gut/digestive tract and in the oral cavity.  These good bugs repopulate and basically push out the bad bugs.  It’s sort of a turf war that we can win!

“Probiotics are live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer benefit to the host.”  This is the definition established in 2001 by the World Health Organization. There’s much in the news about digestive probiotics, and “gut health” is what people typically think about when they hear the term.  Experience has caused me to believe in and use digestive probiotics daily.  They are essential to my health and were my inspiration to develop a specialized combination of probiotics for my dental patients called Replenish.  

Over 600 species of bacteria inhabit the oral cavity.  Healthy oral bacteria provide the first line of defense against harmful microorganisms that enter the body through the mouth as well as those that cause tooth decay and gum disease.  Replenish contains two exclusive strains of bacteria that re-populate the oral biofilm and are, therefore, beneficial for the health of the mouth and upper respiratory tract.  A healthy mouth is essential for a healthy body.  Originally isolated from the oral cavity of healthy humans, these bacteria are:

  1. Streptococcus salivarius 14685 – 1 Billion Colony-Forming Units
  2. Streptococcus salivarius 13084 – 1 Billion Colony-Forming Units

Additionally, I’ve added the following for enhanced oral health:

I’m pleased with the results that my patients are getting from the daily use of Replenish.  I am seeing less decay, less gum bleeding and reports of fresher breath.  It is great for people who are experiencing dry mouth from medications.  My oral probiotic is unique in that the beneficial bacteria contain BLIS, Bacteriocin-Like Inhibitory Substances, which enhance the body’s defense system.  

Digestive or oral probiotics are only beneficial if the bacteria arrive to their destination alive.  They must either be individually sealed or refrigerated for this to happen.  Compliance is tougher if people have to remember to go to the refrigerator every night!  Replenish is manufactured for us by a pharmaceutical company in the United States and each delicious tablet is individually sealed in nitrogen-purged blister packs for ease of use at bedside or for travel.  It is designed to dissolve completely in the mouth at bedtime following a normal oral care regimen.

Anything that supports the health of the mouth supports the health of the entire body.  START SOMEWHERE today considering the  addition of beneficial living bacteria to your life.  It is a great place to start as we learn together to LIVE YOUNGER.  Thanks for joining me!

Beneficial Living Bacteria

Beneficial Living Bacteria