What’s both delicious and nutritious and easily accessible at your art table?  That would be quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content!  Dark chocolate is a great snack that is loaded with powerful antioxidants that can positively affect your health.  A 50 gram dark chocolate bar containing 70-85 percent cocoa contains over five grams of fiber as well as iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, and manganese.  Carpe Diem Dark Chocolate!

Snail Mail is a great way to make someone smile.  Today’s card is loaded with texture and color.  Use whatever brands of product you have.  The key to Art Journaling is layers, layers, and more layers!  Stencils are so versatile and work great with molding paste.  Be sure to rinse them immediately because the molding paste dries hard as a rock!  Now let’s make this Art Journaled Snail Mail with Acrylic Glazed Flowers.

Here’s what I used:

Here’s the drill:

  1. With gloved fingers, cover paper in gesso and let dry.
  2. Using two colors of compatible acrylic paint, cover the gesso’d paper and let partially dry.
  3. When it is still just a little sticky, place the stencil on it. (You may want to tape it down.)
  4. Using a baby wipe, rub through the stencil, removing the color and creating a design.
  5. When this layer is dry, place the second stencil securely.  Using a wide palette knife, apply molding paste through the stencil.  Lift carefully and let the image dry.  Immediately wash the molding paste off the stencil.
  6. Place the dry stencil over the dried molding paste and apply color to the design.
  7. Stamp text on tissue paper with black archival ink.  Let dry.
  8. Using matte medium, apply text tissue to the card..
  9. Outline card with black archival ink.
  10. Fold, write a note, address, stamp, and smile!

Dark chocolate and Art Journaling go together!  Enjoy both today and have fun making this Art Journaled Snail Mail with Acrylic Glazed Flowers!  

Art Journaled Snail Mail with Acrylic Glazed Flowers

Art Journaled Snail Mail with Acrylic Glazed Flowers