Aloe Vera is the first thing I reach for when I get a little too much sun. This attractive, cactus-like plant grows in hot, dry climates and also makes a great low-maintenance indoor houseplant!  I’ve had a large bottle of it sitting in the pantry from the health food store that’s for drinking so I decided to find out what it’s actually good for.  Aloe Vera can be taken internally or externally and the plant produces both gel and latex.  Both are used in medications.  Aloe is an incredible mixture of more than 200 constituents, including enzymes, glycoproteins, polysaccharides, and amino acids.  The vitamin content surprised me with the plant containing Vitamins A, C, E, and B12 as well as essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, and potassium.  Aloe Vera’s healing qualities are observed in:

  • Constipation:  Anthraquinone, one of it’s main ingredients, works as an effective natural colon cleanse and laxative.
  • Chronic Inflammation:  It has been studied for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in humans and was shown effective.  It is currently being studied for chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and even multiple sclerosis.  
  • Fungal Problems:  It has been effectively used to treat dandruff, diaper rash, ringworm and yeast infections in and on the body.  
  • Dental treatment:  Aloe has been successfully used when applied to dry sockets in the mouth. These are caused by the loss of a blood clot after a tooth is removed.  An active ingredient in the cactus called acemannan helps the wound heal and also helps canker sores in the mouth.

Acemannan (pronounced ace-man-nan) is a fascinating part of the Aloe Vera plant.  This is basically a long-chain beneficial sugar that interjects itself into all cell membranes.  The result is an improvement in the permeability and fluidity of the cell membrane allowing unwanted toxins to flow out of the cell more readily.  It also enhances the flow of nutrients into the cell.  It helps the cell bring in the good stuff and get rid of the junk!  The result is improved cellular function and metabolism and an overall boost in the production of energy by the cell.  That’s news we can all use!

This brief survey provides only a tiny bit of information regarding Aloe Vera’s healing qualities.  The research volume on this plant is enormous and it appears to be safe when purchased from reputable sources.  It is likely a key to LIVING YOUNGER when used appropriately.  START SOMEWHERE today exploring natural solutions.  Buy an Aloe Vera plant at your local nursery and enjoy its soothing topical benefits.  Today is the best day to START SOMEWHERE!  

Aloe Vera's Healing Qualities

Aloe Vera’s Healing Qualities