Would you like to have more energy in your day?  A great place to start is with the quality of your sleep.  For today’s Art Smart Minute, I talked about the importance of turning off all technology – that includes anything with an on/off switch or a plug – at least two hours before you want to fall asleep.  Grab your Art Journaling supplies or a real book and let your brain start relaxing.  When you feel more rested, you’ll have more sparkle in your day!    

Today’s Snail Mail Monday has a little sparkle too!  Add a little sparkle wherever you go with this technique that looks great with any kind of acrylic paint.  Here’s what I used:

Here’s the drill:

  1. Apply a thin layer of gesso to the mix media paper.  I like to gesso a pile of paper at once and have it ready.
  2. Select three colors that are close to each other on the color wheel.  I used red and pink shades today as the base layer.  With gloved hand, cover the paper with these colors.  Let the patches blend!
  3. Put out small bits of your other paint colors; it doesn’t take much for this step.  
  4. Randomly apply through stencils all over the paper.  The more different colors, the better!  When you think it is finished, add some more!
  5. Use a little metallic paint!
  6. Let this layer dry thoroughly.
  7. Trim your paper to fit the envelope and get perspective on the front of the card.  
  8. Hold the stencil down and draw around the area that you want to leave as the internal image.
  9. Apply white paint or gesso out from that line as shown in the YouTube.
  10. If desired, paint a black line around the image.
  11. Stamp text onto tissue paper and tear around the edges.
  12. Glue down with matte medium.  The tissue will disappear/dissolve into the image.

Be sure to have your Art Journal handy for using up the extra paint and cleaning off the stencils.  For me, the best Art Journal pages are the ones that begin as layers and layers of random paint.  Then I can do the final embellishments, add a scripture, a thought, or a quote.  That’s why I love Art Journaling so much – there are no wrong ways to enjoy it.  Just use what you have, apply color however you feel, and pages just naturally take shape!  Remember to add a little sparkle wherever you go!  Have fun!

Add A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go

Add A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go